Message from the President

With you for the last 90 years ,and from now on

We “Volcano Company Limited ”celebrated the 90th anniversary in September 2018.
First of all, I would like to express our special thanks for the many years of guidance and encouragement which our customers have continuously provided, as well as the daily support and cooperation of our all vendors and partners.
I also would like to express our gratitude and regard for the wisdom, courage, and sustained efforts of past and present Volcano directors and employees.
In 1928 my grandfather Benji Okihara the company founder who spent his youth in the early 20th century, developed and patented Japan’s first low-pressure air-jet oil burner. Then he established his own company “Osaka Heavy Oil Furnace Company” which is the predecessor of modern-day “Volcano”.
The company was reorganized into a joint-stock company in 1943 and renamed to the present "Volcano Co., Ltd." in 1963, a year before the first Tokyo Olympics.
Overcoming the chaos period during and after the World War II, we had been supporting Japan’s marine and shipbuilding industries, throughout the rapid modernization of the industry era. In the 70’s, under three major key themes: “High Efficiency”, ”Energy Saving” and “Low Environmental Impact”,we have taken part in working toward reducing NOx/SOx/CO2 by utilizing various energy resources effectively ,and building up a recycle-oriented society.
The name "Volcano" was originally given to the burner developed and patented by our company founder, evoking images of a blazing and bright volcano, and we have maintained this spirit for 90 years since.
Now our aiming goal is to be BOSC-VOLCANO,“Brand Oriented Sustainable Company.”.
Our mission to our society is to supply the best solutions for environmental conservation program by utilizing next generation heat supply equipment and thermal cracking apparatus and plants.
We will carry on the new challenge and make it come true together with our customers.
This year would be a milestone for VOLCANO to make new leaps forward.
We can meet the various demand and requirements of the customers by applying advanced combustion technologies that we have been pursuing throughout our history.
We hereby shall start our new journey towards coming 100th anniversary with sincere gratitude for the last 90 years.
We thank you indeed for your continued support and guidance going forward.

Heat-Beat , Heart-Beat , The COMBUSTION !
Let Us Get Started.

Masaaki Okihara President & C.E.O

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