Research and development

Volcano’s testing facility at the Sanda Factory

Volcano’s testing facility at the Sanda Factory

Thanks to our long experienced and expertise dedicated to a currently controlling the process of combustion, we offer a total control system, which combines combustion technology with electrical control, also including the peripherals or the related devices.

At our testing facility in the Sanda Factory, we use full-scale combustion testing equipment (1) and various analysis systems (2, 3, 4 and 5) to develop numerous technologies and further our expertise.

Full scale combustion testing equipment

1 - Full scale combustion testing equipment

As R&D Department listens to our customer’s needs and continuously trying new idea until we achieve the perfect burner, we reproduce the actual operating conditions to analyze the combustion process (1, 2 and 4) and the exhaust gas elements, etc. Thereafter, the massive amount of data we amass here is used as reference material during the development of our products.

In order to support the increasing diverse needs of customers, we shall continue to be diligent about collecting feedback from customers and information on the latest technology. We shall continue to look at the direction of future combustion technology and related technology development. We shall also strive to develop leading technology in order to improve energy savings, the impact on the environment, safety and cost performance.

Analysis Systems

Atomizer spray test

2 - Atomizer spray test

Atomizer spray test system

3 - Atomizer spray test system

Automatic measuring system

4 - Automatic measuring system

Exhaust gas analyzer

5 - Exhaust gas analyzer