Environmental Plant Sector   Waste Liquid and Gas incinerating System

A number of production activities produce industrial waste in the form of liquids and gases. Environmental awareness around the world is gaining traction and tighter regulations and laws governing this waste are increasing. We help support this by offering advanced combustion technology. In addition, we continue to develop new technology in order to further environmental performance.

Acid recovery and concentration system

When there is a large amount of chlorine in the waste liquid or gas (particularly in PVC manufacturing processes), hydrochloric acid may be collected as a byproduct. The collected hydrochloric acid has a concentration around between 5% and 33%. That grade can be used in a variety of ways depending on the level, ranging from industry level to the level used in food additives.
An waste heat recovery boiler is set up on the outlet from the furnace, making steam recovery possible and thereby saving energy.
However, the corrosion problems caused by hydrochloric produced under dew point must be taken into the consideration. After introducing the first unit in 1973 and delivering many more thereafter, we have furthered our knowledge concerning materials selection and can now identify areas that are susceptible to corrosion. This has enabled to make continuous and specific improvements.

5% HCL Recovery Equipment