Environmental Plant Sector   Waste Liquid and Gas incinerating System

A number of production activities produce industrial waste in the form of liquids and gases. Environmental awareness around the world is gaining traction and tighter regulations and laws governing this waste are increasing. We help support this by offering advanced combustion technology. In addition, we continue to develop new technology in order to further environmental performance.

Waste Gas (VOC) Thermal  Countermeasures System

Direct combustion thermal oxidizer

The direct combustion thermal oxidizer is that VOC content makes oxidation decomposition in the high temperature atmosphere between 650℃ and 800℃. There are 3 requirements for combustion oxidation, that is called 3T,. 3Ts: Temp.
(temperature), Time (holding time) and Turbulence (mixing).
*Temp: 650 to 800°C
*Time: 0.3 to 0.5 sec.
*Turbulence: If the VOCs and the combustion gas a homogenous mixture, and keep to uniform the temperature in the furnace.

Catalytic deodorization system

The catalytic deodorization system operates in low temperatures between 150 and 400°C and provides oxidative decomposition of VOCs using a catalyst, such as platinum or palladium. The following shows the advantages of a VOC processing system by catalytic combustion.

  • (Advantages)
    *Catalytic combustion is possible at low temperatures, which lowers running costs and does not generate any byproducts.
  • (Disadvantages)
    *Catalysts have a limited life span and the system cannot process non-flammable, inorganic malodorous substances.
    *Catalytic poisons:
    Temporary poisons → Rust, dust, tar, oil mist, rarefied halogen and sulfur compounds
    Permanent poisons → Organic silicone compounds, organic phosphorus compounds, organic metal compounds, and concentrated halogen and sulfur compounds

Low O2 / Low calorifc waste gas thermal oxidizer

This system can be adopted to low O2 and low calorific gases for relatively large volumes, and at the same time, it can also process flammable as well as incombustible waste liquid. An exhaust heat recovery boiler and gas preheater can be integrated in the system to recover the waste heat.

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